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Five Square Solutions Health or social care

Serious incident, disciplinary and other independent investigations

Naomi is highly skilled at forensic analysis, investigations and report writing. She has covered some highly sensitive and very public issues in a professional manner always mindful of the potential impacts and unintended consequences. If you need an independent investigation to respond to a serious incident or to manage a disciplinary investigation Naomi has the rights skills to provide you with a high quality report.

Problem solving and innovative system design

Naomi's analytical skills lend themselves well to problem solving; these, combined with the ability to undertake good research across relevant sectors, provide a great starting point for service reviews and redesign. Having led a number of service redesign projects over the last 25 years, Naomi is highly experienced in this field.

Strategic Planning

Five Square Solutions has rich skills in strategic planning and policy writing. We can facilitate strategic planning discussions in your organisation and help you to identify your strategic priorities. With years of experience in writing strategic documents Five Square Solutions can provide the right support for your needs.

Corporate Governance and Policy Development

Naomi has led a number of Board level projects to provide a statement of an organisation's position based upon particular standards or criteria, such as the World Class Commissioning Framework or Due Diligence Templates. Using an objective approach to ensure that an honest and transparent reflection of the current position is stated, always ensuring that weaker areas have clear action plans identified, Naomi has been commended for her approach to such projects.

Often linked to such work is the need to ensure that organisational policies are up to date and fit for purpose.

Interim management

If you have defined short-term gaps in your capacity or need specific skills for a defined period then period then talk with us about providing interim management support.

Interim management can provide advantages over normal consultancy - as the contract is for a defined period of time, and is generally a set number of days per week, the costs are generally lower than consultancy. If your need is urgent, and standard recruitment will take too long to complete, or is too restrictive, then an interim solution might be appropriate.

If you have defined short-term needs in any of the areas in which we specialise - forensic analysis, investigations, incident management, strategic planning, commissioning strategy, change management - at any level up to and including the Board, the please feel free to contact us. We will be only too pleased to discuss your needs - on a confidential basis, of course.